Love & Lust Jacob & Douglas – Twitter Superstars

Meet our Queer Twitter Superstars – With over 750 thousand followers Gay Boys Jacob & Douglas are ruling queer Social Media

I am delighted to present Jacob and Douglas on this freezing Saturday morning in Sydney! And these guys deserve your attention. I don’t know (yet) how many hits they get on Onlyfans, but I would be surprised if they are not among the most popular gay explicit content creators on that platform. I know that Twitter has been exposed for having millions of “ghost” followers and that the numbers under profiles might not be accurate. After observing their performance on Twitter, I am confident these two queers have a genuinely colossal number of followers simply because they deserve it!

According to their profile, Jacob & Douglas joined Twitter in 2012. I believe that the joining time is accurate as Twitter had no reason to cheat in that sector. They are on Twitter longer than I have been. Admittedly, I was practically absent between 2016 and 2021. This information could also indicate that they are no younger than their mid-twenties.

Are Jacob and Douglas boyfriends or just content collaborators?

I cannot provide a 100% accurate answer to that question. Based on their posts, I would say that they are closer to each other than just being collaborators in producing gay explicit content. I also assume that they have been together since 2012. I hope that is correct. It is great seeing gay relationships last longer than a relatively short lust duration towards your newly found partner. According to their performance, the passion between them is going very strong even after that many years together. I noticed a few posts showing a threesome, but that could be a sign of the strength of their relationship.

Oh, yes, before I forget, our lusty gay couple failed to disclose their exact location. They are somewhere in Europe.

Explicit Content by Jacob & Douglas – Don’t hide your excitement!

The first thing you will notice with this presentation is that almost all their Twitter posts are video clips. I like that. I am not surprised either, as their clips are very passionate and energetic. These two gay boys love action and pleasing each other in bed.

Two European gay boys are both uncut – no surprises here

Do you agree that Jacob & Douglas are faithful Queer Twitter Superstars? Please express your opinion(s) in the “comments” box. I read comments regularly.

A short message to Jacob and Douglas: I will send you a link to this article after publishing it. This is my invitation to you to arrange for a short interview. Photos, videos, and LINKS of your choice will be posted with that interview. Until then, I wish you all the best and continue enjoying each other for a very long time.

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