Falling in Love with TDaddy Ze FMTY

Zeke Nix. Transmasc (they/he) 18+ NSFW. 26 – T4T content primarily – As queer as you get!

My search for interesting queer performers on Twitter continues. And, boy, was I lucky to find this one! I may be falling in love with TDaddy Ze.

I had only one interaction with a Trans person. It was a long time ago. I really enjoyed it and cannot explain to myself why I did not develop this interest more. Anyway, I remember it quite well even today.

I might tell you a bit about that encounter. It is something I have never discussed with anyone till now. Well, you can freely call it an exclusive disclosure.

It happened in the late 1990s in Sydney. I lived in Darlinghurst once. Any LGBTQ person living in Sydney will tell you it is some sort of Sydney’s queer Mecca. I had two gay saunas just a walking distance from my apartment. I am a naturally nocturnal person and I enjoyed my shift work, giving myself many nights off.

It was either a weeknight or maybe Sunday evening. Gay saunas are almost deserted on these nights. I did not plan to go to a sauna that evening as I was rostered to work the following morning. However, I was very horny and decided to go anyway, promising myself not to stay too long. The locker room was very quiet when I arrived. I undressed quickly, had a quick shower and walked in the cruising area. Only a few silhouettes were visible. My next step was to check what is happening in the Steam Room.

What is the story behind?

The hammam was… well… you figured it out… very steamy. Not my favourite place in the sauna. I almost walked out when something moved in the far corner. He was tiny and with very soft skin. I will not go in too many details here, but we moved to one of the cubicles. I suggested going to my place and he agreed. Hand in hand we moved towards locker room. His clothes were in different room from mine. Only few minutes later I was out of my locker-room and had to wait short time before my blonde partner appeared from his room.

Well, it was SHE! And, boy… she was beautiful. No, I will not go in more details here. I had a great night.

What do I know about Zeke Nix (I suspect it is the name)? Nothing more than what is available on his Twitter profile. I liked the profile and would hope to get an interview granted by him. What sets Trans people apart, in my mind, is the story they have to tell.

I have no his story (yet) but I can post some of his photos

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Dear TDaddy Ze, you look stunning. Would you like to share your story with the rest of us?

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