Outdoor Sex – Review of “Wet Heat” by Falcon Studios

Let’s check another “Wet Heat” gay porn production by Falcon Studios!

I want to welcome back myself. Yes, I know it was quite some time since my last post. No, I was not lazy. Not at all. Just too busy with some other things. If I am frank with you, I think that depression after losing another site (gay-guide-Asia-and-Cambodia) got the better of me. Anyway, who cares about my burdens. We suppose to have fun here.

As mentioned above, this is another “Wet Heat” titled video. Yes, I agree that someone should try harder to make titles for videos. Then again, people don’t care about titles as long as the content of the video provides reasonable satisfaction. Talking about happiness, how many of you masturbate while watching gay porn? Yeah, let us all know in the comments!

Title: “Wet Heat” – Interracial anal sex. Bareback, of course, and all of that outdoors – summertime at the swimming pool.


When Reign and Trent Marx discover that they have the outdoor pool all to themselves, they don’t waste a second before stripping down and getting ready for an intense, poolside bareback session. Reign sits on the pool’s edge as Trent works his way up and down the stud’s curved shaft. He swallows every inch of the stud before getting out of the water for Reign to service his hole.

Now on all fours, a glistening Trent softly moans as the top’s long dick hits his insides in all the right spots. Things speed up as Reign pumps himself harder and harder into his swimming buddy’s asshole until he’s pulling out to shoot his creamy ropes all over Trent’s used cheeks. After draining himself, Reign kneels and commands an about-to-bust Trent to unload his juicy nut all over his bare face.


Reign, Trent Marx

Let’s see some photos now

In my honest opinion, actors are better than average. They seem to be enjoying their sex in front of cameras and appear natural. That is a plus in my books. What do you think?

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