Nicky and Pierre - gay couple

Nicky & Pierre – Podcast – Gay Tops & Bottoms

“Join us live every Thursday at 5pm PST exclusively on Amazon Amp” – Nicky & Pierre

This is my first post providing links to some gay content creators performing on YouTube. This platform is not remarkably “free” as some other social platforms. I am sure that gay content creators and their followers love Twitter. However, it is nice to follow some gay performers or couples on YouTube. There is no nudity, but some of their stories are interesting to watch and listen to.

Some puritans constantly attacked my other site, and it finally had to be shut down after eight years of posting. On that site, some posts about Pierre Bouvier were viral. One of them was about his nude photos. He chose a different path in his quest to communicate with others publicly. And seriously, I appreciate that. He and Nicky are, most of all, an adorable gay couple.

I would say that these two guys are very cool. They prepare their shows professionally but maintain their relaxed attitude. They are not scared to talk publicly about some almost taboo themes. So, who is the top and who is the bottom in that relationship? Will they disclose that? Well, watch the show, and you will find out.

I would honestly appreciate it if you used the comments section to let me know how much interest is among you for this type of post. What is the impact of social media “influencers” on our ordinary lives? What is their impact on our views regarding gay relationships and marriage? Does it matter or not. I don’t know the answer to these questions. Therefore I am curious to hear what your opinion is.

Nicky and Pierre - Gay stars on social media
Gay couple with a super-star status on YouTube

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