My Gay Tumblr Links – amazingchests – shirtless & beautiful!

I know that Tumblr has lost quite many gay members and followers. Their puritanical change of policies was stupid. I think they are trying to loosen some rules as of recently. I never cancelled my membership. Is it really important that explicit sexual postings are allowed. Well, yes and no. Even crippled as it seems to be, Tumblr provides social platform for interaction. It is really up to us, the users, how to use that opportunity.

In 2018, Tumblr lost almost one-third of its monthly page views after all NSFW content was banned — since then, the platform’s monthly traffic has remained relatively stagnant. However, there are still many good quality blogs worth following. I will try to present some blogs that I follow. I hope that you will find them interesting as well. One of these accounts is called “amazingchests”. Let’s see what is available there

gaylinks network

Enjoy more from “amazingchests”

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