Tumblr Gay Links – Homo Drawings by BlueKing

@blueking00 / blueking00.tumblr.co

Welcome to this, so far second edition of posts by my favorite Tumblr bloggers! My first post in this segment of links to my favorite gay bloggers on various social platforms was not really popular. I was even thinking about terminating this whole segment after the first post. However, I will persevere with posting. Simply because I think there are gay oriented blogs on Tumblr that deserve attention. One of them is BlueKing. I just love his blog. Lovely homoerotic drawings mixed with a nice narrative. Let’s have a look at it together

My favorite Tumblr blog
Homoerotic Drawings by @blueking00.tumblr.co
New design!
Homoerotic drawings by BlueKing on Tumblr
Any Alpha dominant top would love this

That is enough to give you a pretty good idea what to expect from BlueKing posts on Tumblr. If you like what you have seen here then please follow the link to his blog HERE

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