Men at Play Production Review – “Young Flatmate”

Featuring: John Brachalli, Pol Prince

John Brachalli and Pol Prince are today’s Men at Play. These two well-known gay porn actors and performers managed to produce a good quality gay porn video worth your attention.

It’s an important day for John Brachalli. He has been called back for an interview for a job he really wants. While sipping on his coffee, his young flatmate, the young Pol Prince, runs half-naked down the stairs and startles him. John spills some coffee on his white shirt and suit jacket, getting it ruined.

Pol is extremely apologetic and goes upstairs to get a new shirt and tie to lend John. John is tired of Pol constantly running around almost naked. In actuality, it is not that John hates it – it’s that he has been wanting to play with his young flatmate! Luckily, Pol doesn’t see a problem walking around like he does nor hooking up with the sexy John.

The best is to have a look yourselves

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