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Gay content stars in making – “Femmouse”

Why Femmouse? Who are gay content stars in making?

At the moment I search some social media platforms and try to find gay content performers and producers. The next step is to make some sort of assessment and (lose) prediction about the potential of the producer. You don’t have to tell me it is not a very scientific way of making choice. However, what is?

The next step is to publish what I think might be interesting to the wider public.

Important: If you think you have something that would be interesting – please let me know and we will get in touch. Ideally, we should make a short interview with some photos and/or videos of your choice. Also with links of your choice.

Let’s collaborate and have some fun along the way!

And the first one to be part of this pilot project is “Femmouse” @femmouse

NSFW 18+ ONLY A very lewd femboy. Posts mostly IRL lewds. Pan, switch(sub+), open relationship, loves femdoms. DtF DMs open to moots

This is a modest start of hopefully an interesting series of similar posts. Please let me know what you think.

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