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Grabby Awards -Joey Mills named as Hottest Bottom

At the 2021 Grabby Awards, Joey Mills has been named as the Hottest Bottom in gay porn.

He also picked up the trophy for Most Accomplished International Pornstar at the Grabby Awards Europe.

This comes on top of his win at the GayVN Awards, when he was crowned as the fan-favourite in the category of Social Media Star. And his trophy for Favorite Gay Model at the Pornhub Awards.

Continuing to score big in fan-voted categories demonstrates that Joey is still attracting a loyal and engaged audience.

“It means a lot to be nominated. A lot of people don’t think that being a porn actor is a job to be proud of. However, when a company as large and successful as PornHub recognises you for the work you do, it’s hard not to be proud.”

“So wild I honestly never expected to win this award at any time during my career. I thought top twink was my peak so once again than you @Pornhub” tweeted Joey, after the Pornhub award was announced.

With over 335,000 follower on Twitter, Joe Mills is one of the most influential gay porn stars. He is very active on quite many platforms on social media.

Enjoy some of his twits here
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